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Should You Take Your Child For A Coronavirus Test? 3 Reasons Why You Should

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Children are not getting coronavirus as much as adults are, but that doesn't mean that they aren't getting it at all. Kids are still getting this virus as well, it just doesn't seem to be spreading to children quite as much as adults. If you suspect your child has the coronavirus, you may be wondering if you should put your child through the testing process to see if they have the virus. If you aren't sure if you should, read on for a few reasons why it's important.

1. To Keep Others Safe

If your child has the coronavirus and you aren't sure but you've sent your child to school anyway, your child could end up infecting others with the virus. If you aren't sure if your child has the coronavirus, but you don't want to have your child tested, you should still at least quarantine them and keep them home from school and away from others to keep your child and other children (and adults) safe from the virus. If you have your child tested and they test negative, you know for sure that they're safe to be around others. Testing is the only real way to know for sure whether or not your child has the virus.

2. To Keep The Numbers Accurate

If you don't have your child tested, but your child does, in fact, have the virus, the numbers of coronavirus patients won't be accurate. Testing can help keep track of the numbers in your area to see whether or not the community is safe or if there needs to be other types of action done in order to prevent the spread. For instance, if nobody is getting tested, and coronavirus patients are not being accounted for, the town may open up all of it's restaurants and other areas or a mask may be deemed unnecessary; although there are those out there that have the virus, they were never accounted for. Keep the numbers accurate by having your child tested if you suspect your child has the virus.

3. To Assist With Contact Tracing

Along the lines of keeping the numbers in your community accurate, you also need to be tested to ensure contact tracing is done properly as well. If your child has tested positive and has been around others recently, those your child was around would need to be notified. If your child is never tested and nobody is told that your child is ill, other children may actually have the virus, as well as other adults. Contact tracing is done to protect and inform others that your child was around, but this can only be done if testing is done.

If you aren't sure if your child should be tested for the coronavirus if your child is ill, you should. Take your child into a facility that provides COVID tests to be sure whether or not they have the virus.