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3 Reasons to Work with a Sports Medicine Doctor After an Injury

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Being on the field playing sports is absolutely exhilarating, which is why so many people focus on improving their game. Unfortunately, if you receive one hard hit or you accidentally trip, you could be left with a broken bone, a torn tendon, or even a bad soft tissue injury. Here are three simple reasons to work with a sports medicine doctor after an injury, and why you won't be sorry you added them to your medical team.    

1.    Get Comprehensive Treatment

Sports medicine doctors are not only focused on helping you to heal from your injury, but also helping you to become the best player you can be. This means they take a comprehensive look at your physicality and wellness to determine what you need in your regimen to improve your game.  

From mental health counseling to control your anger to nutritional guidance to help you to shed unwanted pounds, comprehensive treatment can be incredibly helpful in the fight towards becoming a stronger, more proficient athlete.  

2.    Rehab Your Injury For Return

Unlike other physicians, your sports medicine doctor may understand just how important it is for you to return to the field. In addition to carefully evaluating your injury by doing testing like imaging, your doctor may also prescribe physical therapy to help with functional movement, steroid injections to reduce swelling and inflammation, and a special diet to help your body to heal. Antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and other medicines may be prescribed to make your recovery easier, so you can get back on the field faster.  

3.    Prevent Future Injuries

Unfortunately, recovering is only one step of the equation. You may also wonder what you can do to prevent future injuries since the same medical problems in the future could jeopardize your recreation or career.  

By watching your form and answering your questions, your physician could help you to prevent future injuries that could be detrimental to your health and wellness. While sports medicine physicians may be specialists, when you think about the amount of time and cash they can save you in the long run, it is always money well spent—especially if you play sports on a professional level.    

Don't leave your health to chance. Talk with a sports medicine doctor today about how you can improve your form and training regimen to prevent injuries. During your first appointment, be open and honest about your goals, and don't be afraid to mention if you have noticed recent injuries. By taking a proactive approach to wellness, you can prevent problems and live a better life.