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Effects Abortion Can Have On Women

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If you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy and know that there is no way you can keep this child, you may initially start thinking about getting an abortion to end the problem. While this does completely end the pregnancy and can be a good option in some situations, it is vital for you to understand how this decision might affect your future. The best way to find this out is by visiting a pregnancy counselor. Here are some of the effects that you may experience if you decide to go through with an abortion.

Physical Risks

While the majority of women that undergo abortions have no physical complications afterwards, around 10% of women do. This can include pain, infections, and vomiting, but there are also times going through an abortion can lead to problems getting pregnant in the future. If you decide to go through with an abortion, make sure you choose a reputable clinic to go to for the procedure.

Emotional Effects

The chances of suffering a physical problem after an abortion might be relatively low, but the chances that you will suffer emotionally are rather high. The emotional effects of an abortion can be short lasting in some cases, but there is a very high chance that you may also suffer from long-term emotional effects.

One study tested the emotional nature of women eight weeks after having an abortion, and a high percentage of these women suffered from nervous disorders, sleep problems, and regrets. Another study showed that women who have gone through an abortion have an 81% higher chance of experiencing some type of mental health disorder in the future.

Women who have gone through abortions also have a higher chance of alcohol addiction, suicidal thoughts, and many other issues. It's hard to say exactly why having an abortion can lead to these problems, but it may be due to the anger and regret women feel later on in life after going through with an abortion.


These effects may also be a result of uncertainty. When a woman makes the decision to get an abortion and does not consider all the options available, she may rush into it without fully considering the outcome. This means that she may regularly question herself and her decision.

If you are facing this big decision, you should seek help from a professional. While you may decide that abortion is the best option for you, going through pregnancy counseling may open up your eyes to other options that may be better for you. Contact a clinic like All Women's Clinic for more information.