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Ways To Prepare For An Eye Exam

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Your annual eye exam may be the only time each year that you get to meet with your eye doctor if you're in good health. So, it's important to be prepared to make the most out of your visit. Here are some things that you can do to prepare for your eye exam to make it as helpful as possible.

Write Down Problems Ahead of Time

Before your appointment, it can be helpful to make a detailed list of any problems you've been having with your eyes. Take some time to brainstorm any issues that you've had with your eyes in the past year, whether it be with dry or itchy eyes, vision troubles, or even minor traumas to the eyes. In the few weeks prior to your visit, be extra vigilant about any eye symptoms. Write down the time that symptoms occur, the nature of the symptoms, and their severity. Having this information on hand can give your eye doctor a lot of information to work with and help them get straight to providing solutions. 

Evaluate Your Contacts or Eyeglasses

Another thing that may come up is your preferences for eyeglasses or contacts. If you aren't happy with your current choice, it can be helpful to monitor any issues you're having with them. For instance, if they pinch, where do they pinch and how often? How often do you have troubles putting in your contacts or experience pain from them? Bringing this information to your appointment will help your doctor make possible recommendations for other types of eyeglasses or another vision solution entirely. 

Bring Information on Your Eye History

Another thing that can save you some time is bringing a file with your eye history. Especially if you are seeing a new eye doctor, you may be asked a slew of standard questions. For example, your eye doctor will likely want to know about your previous eye care and your family's history of eye disease. If you can dig up this information ahead of time, you can give your doctor more tools to provide correct diagnoses and preventative care for you during your eye exam. 

By preparing some questions and answers ahead of time, you can help take advantage of the time you have with your eye doctor. You'll spend less time hustling through the standard procedures and have more time to ask questions and learn more about your eye care options. For more information, talk with an eye doctor, like one at Quality Eye Care.