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Nausea And Chemo Infusion: How Do You Ease Your Queasy Stomach?

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If you're scheduled for chemo infusion for the first time since being diagnosed with cancer, you may worry about experiencing nausea during your treatment. Although chemo infusion therapy is one of the most unique ways to treat cancer, it can also make some individuals feel queasy. Doctors administer the medications through your veins by needle or IV, or you may take your medications by mouth. If you're unused to the medications, you may experience some bouts of nausea. The doctors will generally administer anti-nausea medications prior to your therapy, but you can also take steps to ease your discomfort before and during your visit. Here are things to know about your queasy stomach and tips to calm it down.

Why Do You Have a Queasy Stomach?

One of the things you may experience with cancer is a loss of appetite. Some people lose their appetites with cancer for a number of reasons, including a loss of sensation in the mouth. If your cancer affected the taste buds in your mouth, food may not taste or smell the same to you over time.

Your cancer treatments may cause additional problems with your digestive system as they work to eliminate the dangerous cells in your body. Although it doesn't happen to everyone some treatments can also affect the healthy cells in your body. Your body may need time and strength to rebuild the healthy cells it loses during chemo. Without the right nutrition, it may take you longer to get through your therapy.

Now that you know why it's important to eat, learn what you can eat to feel less queasy before and during treatment.

What Can You Eat Before and During Chemo Fusion?

If possible, try to eat foods that have flavorful, easy-to-swallow textures, such as mango, watermelon and papaya. Ice cream, frozen yogurt and ice cold milk may be options for you. The water content in the fruit may encourage your body to stay hydrated and strong during treatments. If you can tolerate chewing your food, combine some of the above ingredients in a mixer and create easy-to-swallow smoothies. 

Your doctor may allow you to bring small snacks to your chemo infusion to help ward off nausea. Prepare a thermos of soup you can consume warm or cold to ease your stomach ailments. If you're uncertain about what to eat, consult with the doctor before your appointment.

For more tips or information about eating and chemo infusion, contact a specialist today.