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Eye Irritation: Things To Know About Pink Eye

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Have you been feeling like something is in your eyes when nothing is actually there? You might want to pay a visit to an urgent care center in case your eyes are infected, as it might be the result of a condition known as pink eye. Find out in this article what you should know about pink eye so you will understand the importance of getting prompt treatment.

What is Pink Eye?

Pink eye is an infection that leads to the mucous membrane on your eyes becoming swollen, as well as the membrane underneath your eyelids. The condition can also lead to your eyes becoming redder and redder the longer that you have it without getting medical attention. There are a few ways that you can contract pink eye, including from allergies, bacteria exposure, chemicals, and from having eyes that are excessively dry. You should seek help from a specialist as soon as you are able to because eye infections can eventually lead to vision loss if the symptoms become severe enough. Don't opt for simply using over-the-counter eye drops if you expect an eye infection, as you need to get properly diagnosed and treated by a specialist.

How Can a Specialist Treat Pink Eye?

There are a few different types of eye drops that a specialist might prescribe for pink eye, depending on what led to you getting the condition. For instance, if pink eye was caused from a bacterial infection, you may be prescribed antibiotic eye drops. A severe infection that is deep within the cornea of an eye might have to be treated with steroid eye drops. If you have a viral eye infection, antiviral eye drops are likely to be prescribed. Specialists sometimes prescribe creams and recommend a cold compress for treatment, as they can reduce swelling and inflammation for faster healing.

What Does It Cost to Get Pink Eye Treated?

If you want to get treated fast before pink eye becomes worse, you can go to an urgent care center for an estimate of $65 depending on if you have insurance or not. What you pay for a prescription eye drips will depend on what the cause of the infection is determined by the specialist. Expect to pay at least $13 for antibacterial eyes, but a combination of antibacterial and steroid eye drops can cost over $120. Visit an urgent care center, such as Medical Clinic of Big Sky, as soon as possible to find out if you have pink eye so you end up spreading it to someone else.