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Tips For Dealing With A Minor Fever From The Flu

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If you are an otherwise healthy adult, a mild fever due to the flu can typically be handled at home. It may be uncomfortable and make you feel a bit miserable, but it’s not overly dangerous if it is under 103 degrees F. Here are some ways to help bring your fever down, while also dealing with the sweating, irritability, and dehydration that can coincide with a fever. 1. Dress Lightly Read More»

3 Instrumental Tips When Choosing Health Insurance For Optimal Health Care

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One of the most important aspects of health care is choosing health insurance. There are many policies to choose from today, but to narrow down your options and make this process easier to deal with, use these tips.  Search the Appropriate Avenues  You can speed up this entire search process by using the appropriate health insurance avenue. If your employer offers health insurance, then you’ll just need to go through them. Read More»

Does Your Newborn Have A Port Wine Stain? Ask Pediatrician To Evaluate Your Baby For Sturge-Weber Syndrome

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According to research, one in every 300 babies are born with port wine stains. A port wine stain is a birthmark that is deep red due to excessive capillary action and usually not indicative of a more serious health issue. However, usually is the keyword. Sturge-Weber syndrome is a serious medical condition that produces the same birthmark and affects roughly one in every 20,000 births. Sturge-Weber syndrome, also called encephalotrigeminal angiomatosis, can be detrimental to the health and development of your newborn. Read More»