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The Advantages Of Having An Onsite X-Ray Scan Machine In Your Clinic

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As the primary physician and owner of a walk-in medical clinic, you want to offer the highest level of healthcare to patients. You want to spare them a trip to the emergency room by finding out what is wrong with them and quickly relieving any distress they are in.

However, meeting these important goals requires you to have the most practical medical equipment on hand. You may treat patients effectively when you invest in an onsite x-ray scan machine for your healthcare clinic.

Avoiding the ER

When patients come to your healthcare clinic, they may have done so to avoid having to go to the local emergency room. The emergency room can be busy and have a long wait time. It also may cost patients more money to be seen and treated there.

Still, if they have a broken or dislocated bone, they may have no choice but to go to the ER if they cannot get the services in your clinic. When you have an onsite x-ray scan machine available to use, you can get the scans on patients you need quickly. You avoid having to send them to the ER to get treatment you can readily provide when you have an onsite x-ray scan machine in your clinic.

Quick Diagnosis

You can also find out quickly what is wrong with patients complaining of bone or joint pain. You may suspect they have a fracture or dislocation. Their symptoms may also align with a diagnosis of such an injury.

However, without an x-ray, you cannot definitively provide this diagnosis for them. When you have an onsite x-ray scan machine, you can get the x-ray you need to find out what is wrong with them quickly. You avoid having to second guess yourself or risk diagnosing them incorrectly.

Faster Pain Relief

Finally, the onsite x-ray scan equipment lets you relieve your patients' pain quickly. Once the scans confirm your suspicions of an injury to a bone or joint, you can stabilize the injury with a splint or fracture. You can also prescribe pain medications that will effectively minimize or eliminate the patient's pain. 

An onsite x-ray scan machine can be a valuable resource to have on hand in your walk-in medical clinic. It lets you find out what is wrong with patients and treat their pain as quickly as possible. It can also spare patients the expense and wait time of going to the emergency room for treatment.