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Dealing With A Stomach Ache? Signs You Should Visit An Urgent Care Center Right Away

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If you're suffering from a stomach ache, it might be time to visit an urgent care clinic. If you're like most people, you might not think a stomach ache would be a serious issue. But, it can be. In most cases, stomach aches come from overeating or from excessive gas. They can also be caused by the ordinary stomach flu. But, there are times when a stomach ache is the sign of something more serious. For those times, you need to get to the urgent care as soon as possible. If you're not sure about your stomach ache, read the list provided below. If you're also dealing with any of the issues described below, you need to get to an urgent care center right away. 

Chest Pain

If you're worried about your stomach ache, pay attention to your chest. You might not realize this, but a stomach ache can be the sign of a heart attack. This is especially true if your stomach ache is accompanied by chest pain. There are some other symptoms to watch for as well. If your stomach ache is also accompanied by shortness of breath, seek medical help right away. You should also seek medical care if you have pain that radiates to your left arm. You could be having a heart attack. 


If you've been vomiting in combination with your stomach ache, you could have the stomach flu. But, if your vomit contains blood, you need to get to the urgent care right away. Bloody vomit could be caused by several things. Two of those causes include ulcers or gastritis. Bleeding starts when vomiting causes damage to the blood vessels. If your stomach ache has you vomiting blood, don't wait for an appointment with your primary care doctor. Visit an urgent care center right away. 


If your stomach ache has you feeling bloated, it might be time to visit an urgent care center. Flatulence can cause intense bloating. Gallstones can also cause bloating. But, bloating can also be a sign of more serious medical conditions. These can include perforated ulcers or abdominal aneurysms. 


If you have a fever in conjunction with your stomach ache, it's time for urgent care. Fevers that accompany a stomach ache could be a sign that you have gastroenteritis. But, the fever could also be a sign that you've picked up a parasite. To identify the cause of symptoms, you should be seen at an urgent care center right away. 

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