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2 Reasons To See A Pediatric Surgeon

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If your baby needs to have surgery, you are going to worry, no matter what. However, there are things that you can do that will help to make sure that your baby is going to get the best treatment possible. One of the things that you can do is to go see a pediatric surgeon. They will be able to help your baby get the best possible treatment. You might wonder why you should go see a pediatric surgeon for your baby instead of a regular surgeon. There are a lot of reasons that you should do this.  


One reason to work with a pediatric surgeon is that they are going to be more familiar with anesthesia and how it will interact with your baby or young children. The thought used to be that babies didn't feel pain the same way, so they weren't given pain control or anesthesia the same way that older children or adults are. That isn't the practice now, but it is still a very tricky proposition in babies. It's a careful balance to make sure that the baby has enough anesthetic to knock them out but not so much that it could be dangerous for them and their still-developing systems. The pediatric surgeon is going to have had specific training in how anesthetic will affect young children and babies, so they are going to be able to help judge what is appropriate. 

Developmental Levels

Another reason to work with a pediatric surgeon is that they are going to be more familiar with the appropriate developmental levels for children. That can include things like knowing about the right age to sit up, walk, or talk. However, it can also include knowing about how a child's body and brain are still developing even after birth and knowing the right times for certain things to start happening, like how old a child should be when their skull completely fuses or when their kneecaps are fully developed. The surgeon should also be familiar with the emotional development of children, which will help them work with your child and help them stay as calm as possible during their treatments. 

If you have a baby or small child that is going to have to have surgery, you are going to worry. Working with a pediatric surgeon can help you to feel better about their treatment and can help your child feel better.