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The Benefits Of Having A Doula

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Doulas are women without formal obstetric training that are hired to help with the labor process. They can also be hired to help with post-partum care after having your child. There are a great number of benefits to hiring a doula. Read on for some of these benefits.

Experienced Coaching

Sure, you'll have your partner with you in the birthing room, but if you or your partner hasn't been through this before, it can be a scary (and exciting) experience. Having an experienced coach can help keep you focused and help give you encouragement to keep pushing. They can also offer emotional support, comfort and provide you with information when you need it. Your partner can do some of these things, but may need help themselves. It may be a big benefit for you both to have an experienced doula with you while in labor.

Constant Labor Care

A nurse can't be with you the entire time you're at the hospital. A doula will be there the entire step of the way, even before the pushing begins. The doula can help you work through your contractions and provide you with constant care. The doula can also help guide you and support you with any decisions during your labor.

After Labor Care

Even after giving birth, a doula can provide you with support and care. The doula can help you with breastfeeding support, and post-natal care for you and your baby. The doula can help you while at the hospital and offer any assistance you may need while in the hospital. They can also help provide support for your partner as well in addition to your and your baby.

At-Home Care

Your doula can help you while at home as well. The doula can help you with postpartum care, assist with any other children you may have at home, help with breastfeeding assistance, and other assistance such as preparing snacks or meals, running errands or even aid you with some other things around the home. The doula can help provide support (both physical and mental), comfort and information for any questions you may have about the care of your child and even care for yourself as well.

There are a number of benefits to hiring a doula to help you. Consider hiring doula program services to help you both for prenatal and postnatal care of you and your baby. Even if you have a supportive partner, a doula can be a great addition to your team.